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The 1st Life&Action Camera with Rotatable Screen

The 1st Camera with Built-in Battery Screen Module

The 1st Camera with Magnetic Snap On Battery

Key Features of mokacam
Portable mokacam is so small, that you can easily take it with you everywhere

Mokacam is the smallest high definition camera you will get your hands on this year. Weighing in at only 79g and with a size of only 45x45mm the only risk you run is not being able to find it in your bag. Attach it to anything and it's easy to forget it's there!

front middle back
  • 2.4G RF
  • Camera Lens
  • Battery
  • USB Port
  • Magnets
  • WiFi
  • Mic
  • Metal Contacts
  • Micro SD
  • 45mm


  • 45mm


  • 24mm


Ambarella Image Processor 1080P@120FPS for Full-HD Slow Motion

Mokacam Alpha-S has an Ambrella image processor and provides 4K@30FPS or 1080P@120FPS video features. It means you can get 1/5 speed Full-HD slow motion video, same to GoPro Hero5.

4K@30FPS 3840x2160

1080P@120FPS 1920x1080

Ultra-High Definition 4K
Record every moment in full Retina with up to 4X more detail than HD video. Alpha’s Digital Signal Processor giving you the highest image quality
The 1st Wearable Camera with Shutter Wheel
  • 270°

    Rotatable Screen

  • 2.0"

    LCD Screen

  • 1100mAh

    Built-in Screen battery

  • The shutter wheel with the new designed buttons improved the operating experience.
  • In Manual mode, you can turn the shutter wheel to set the shutter speed freely up to 1/2000" or 32". In other words, you can now use Mokacam shooting long exposure night pics or even the stars